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About us

Swiss Academy: Personal, professional and institutional change, development; is an institution that supports quality consultancy and up-to-date training services. It is especially on the agenda with the trainings it provides in the field of personal development and workshops for children and adults.

Using the humor approach in its trainings, it provides the participants the joy of learning by having fun. He has received many awards in the field of “Riccon Technique an used in trainings.

Our Mission and Vision

To provide the individual and institutional development by increasing the competence and skills of the people by using contemporary knowledge with special education methods. To be the best training and consultancy company that increases the value of human and institutions by using special education methods at national and international level.


Our International Validity Certificate

Certificates issued by the Swiss Academy are valid within the EU and in Switzerland. Swiss Academy is an internationally recognized and registered institution in Switzerland.

Our Instuctors

Our International Instructor and Consultant Team​

Riccon İlhan Doğan

Behavioral Sciences Specialist

Marziye İlhan


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Antonio Di Gidi

Professor Dr. University of Como Insubria

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Christy Johannsen

Mayor of the Municipal Assembly. Mendrisio

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Solution partnerships with Swiss Academy will help your organization achieve international certification process and international quality.

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