marziye ilhan

Marziye İlhan has been actively working as a mid & high-level manager in many healthcare institutions of Turkey since 1993. As manager, she has been taking the lead on the administration of projective, organizational, directive, supervisory and regulatory functions of professional teams taking part in multiple organizations and healthcare institutions.


In many universities, institutions and corporations she provided training for administration, leadership, quality, communication and personal development; and she herself made the relevant organizations. Also she had been in league with education centers of universities or personally worked for them, besides directing the design, application and sales phases of their certification programmes. Among these programmes there are Manager Development, Manager Development on Sorority Services, Nursing Training of Trainer, Training of Trainer, Quality Management, Coaching Trainings exc.


Moreover, she had led the field on undergoing campaigns regarding Patient Safety and Information Assurance within the scope of social responsibility studies under the leadership of Ministry of Health and Koç University SANERC across Turkey.


She prepared and introduced many certification programmes regarding healthcare professionals. She has been still giving lectures on the communication of healthcare professionals and has a book on this matter named “The communication of Healthcare Professionals”.


Till the April 2017, she had worked as an academic adviser at Koç University HYO SANERC, and nowadays has been working at Işık University as an instructor, as well taking part in Riccon Academy as director. Additionally, she is a founder member of the Istanbul Self-improvement association and holds the presidency of it. As a quality consultant, she is still spending efforts at Eurasia Hospital Joint Commission International and Maltepe municipal health services.

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