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İlhan Doğan born in Turkey, moved into Germany to take language courses as he was studying Language, History and Geography in Ankara. After he had received his dream training of theater in Rome, Italy for 3 years, he completed his education by the AKAD Institute on Psychology and Educational Psychology.

İlhan Doğan developed the Riccon Technique by combining theater with psychology, body language, and humor; and established the Riccon Academy in 1996 after registering his technique designed for effective communication.

He provided training for Swiss President of Republic Pascal Couchepin, for MPs of European Union, for state employees and for scientists on the correct use of body language and on the mind-reading techniques.

He also gave lectures on communication within the scope of ACCENT’s young scientists-oriented project in University of Thessaloniki, in University of Urbino and in many more universities of countries such as Switzerland, Latvia, Finland, Russia and China. Furthermore, Doğan organized trainings tailored for managers and employees of world’s leading companies, in addition to arranging trainings for many educational institutions, municipalities, homes for the aged and Swiss Military Unit on “Communication and Self-improvement”.

Doğan institutionalized his social responsibility studies under the name of “Help Yourself” and on account of these practices, he has been awarded for the man of the year in Luxembourg, Switzerland and South Africa. In Swaziland, Africa he has received the “Lord” degree for his 7 years of services on nationwide settlement and educational campaign.

So far 9 books of İlhan Doğan has been published, of these, “Mind-reading Technique”, “Language of the Body”, “Violence out Compassion in” and “Chimpanzee Children” have been translated into Turkish

What is rıccon technıque?

The Riccon Technique is a distinctively designed education method and named after the Latin word “riccon” meaning rich, on account of its rich context.


Learning through the Riccon Technique is an interactive process where individual training along with a comprehensive insight on body language differs itself from conventional education methods and has more influence.


The individual analyzes between right and wrong and sorts them out through body language, leading him/her to develop knowledge, attitude and behavior proper to his/her environment.


Therefore the Riccon Technique is practically implemented, reflecting the psychological, humorous and model applications in accordance with the analysis of reactions towards body language and/or psychological situations.


The Riccon Technique is a dynamic method, embracing both humor and body language and trainings are generally provided on foot. The first stage of the training delivers practice, while second one offers theoretical information.


By the end of the training, you will be able to realize that you have experienced a self-improvement, having a positive impact on your ways of communication.


The Riccon Technique can be implemented on many educational scopes.


Trainings applied through the Riccon Technique are:


  • Communication through body language
  • Mind-reading
  • Using body language in compliance with occupation
  • Self-improvement trainings
  • Speaking German, English, French, Spanish and Italian in 6 – 8 hours.


By participating in trainings “Communication through body language” and “Mind-reading”, you can recognize your body language and monitor it and your behavior while mirroring your feelings and thoughts with respect to your position.


You can understand what your partner thinks of out of his/her gesture, mimics and posture, and you can make right decisions in any conditions.


By participating in the training “Using body language in compliance with occupation”, you can improve your professional knowledge, attitude and behavior, and thus make a difference in rendering quality service.


Through self-improvement trainings you can attain peace and success in company with self-confidence and internal motivation.

With the Riccon Technique, knowledge of a foreign language can be attained to fulfil one’s basic needs abroad. It’s possible to speak a foreign language in 8 hours with the Riccon Technique, that could not otherwise be possible in 8 years. During the training, you can laugh, make mistakes, get rid of your fears and bias through humor and express sentences meeting your needs in a foreign language.

The most important aspect of training providing participants an amusing learning environment is its direct applicability on social life.

The Riccon Technique comprising psychological, humorous and practical applications ahs been internationally awarded 17 times besides “The Best Education Technique Reward” for all of its aspects.


Rewards received for the Riccon Technique


The best presentation avard”

Aids Hilfe Bern, Switzerland


“World of Peace”

TOYP Turkey


“Young scientists”



“Lebendige Erziehungsmethode”

Cebit Hannover, Germany


“Actualle Bildung”

Urbino Üniversitesi Urbino, Italy


“Young educators award”

University of Helsinki, Finland


“Fastest training award”

Thessaloniki University Greece


“Different training award”

L’Institut Universitaire Kurt Bösch IUKB SION, Switzerland


“Avard for the training of the best publicity

University Bern, Switzerland


“Different message award

Teaching Education Torino, Canada


“Men of the year”

KIRIMI Polizie Johannesburg, South Africa


“Creative advertising ideas and techniques”

Centre de Technologie de l’Education, Luxembourg


Basler Kantonalbank Yves Stalder Basel, Switzerland “The funniest education method”


Frey, Hotel Aarau-West AG, Switzerland “The funniest education method”


CSS Versicherungen Bern, Switzerland “The funniest education method”


“Swaziland Lord” degree by the Swaziland king Miswati for the configuration


“Medaglia in Argento” by the Vatican for the contributions to the world peace

Riccon Tekniği İçin Alınan Ödüller

The best presentation avard”

Aids Hilfe Bern, İsviçre

(En İyi Eğitim ve Tanıtım Tekniği Ödülü)

“World of Peace”

TOYP Türkiye

(Dünya Barışına katkıdan dolayı)

“Young scientists”


(Genç Bilim Adamlari Tekniği)

“Lebendige Erziehungsmethode”

Cebit Hannover, Almanya

(En Canlı Eğitim Tarzı)

“Actualle Bildung”

Urbino Üniversitesi Urbino, İtalya

(Eğitimde en Yeni)

“Young educators avard”

University of Helsinki, Finlandiya

(Genç Eğitimciler Ödülü)

Fastest training avard”

Thessaloniki University Yunanistan

(En Hızlı Eğitim Tekniği Ödülü)

“Different training avard”

L’Institut Universitaire Kurt Bösch IUKB SION, Isviçre

(En İyi Alternatif Eğitim Ödülü)

Avard for the training of the best publicity

University Bern, İsviçre

(En İyi Tanitim Eğitimi Ödülü“

Different message award

Teaching Education Torino, Canada

(Mesaji Farklı Verme)

“Men of the year”

KIRIMI Polizie Johannesburg, Güney Afrika

(Yılın Adamı Ödülü)

Creative advertising ideas and techniques”

Centre de Technologie de l’Education, Luxembourg

(En Yaratıcı Fikirler Ve Reklam Tekniği Ödülü)

Basler Kantonalbank Yves Stalder Basel, İsvicre “En eğlenceli eğitim yöntemi“

Frey, Hotel Aarau-West AG, İsviçre “En eğlenceli eğitim yöntemi“

CSS Versicherungen Bern, İsviçre “En eğlenceli eğitim yöntemi“

Yapılandırmadan dolayı Swaziland Kralı Mswati tarafından “Swaziland Lord” ünvanı

Dünya barışına katkılarından dolayı Vatikan tarafından “Medaglia in Argento” madalyası.

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